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This a collection of utilites to make running the Fitts Law Experiment software easier. These all require a python3 install.
This generates trials based on a given number of trials and a number of dots per trial. You can edit your directions and distances in this file as well as what devices you are testing.
Please note that your number of trials times your number of dots per trial must be evenly divisble by the product of your distances and directions. The script will refuse to generate otherwise.
This communicates with the server and updates the participant ID for a given input device. I recommend running an instance of this for each input device during data collection.
Note: Setting the participant ID to 9999. Will run only the first trial and not record data samples. The purpose of this is a practice trial.
This requires the python package flask (pip3 install flask).
This serves up the trial files generated by and is used by to update the participant ID.
Simply run with python3 and it will begin running a server on port 5000
Note: The devices running both the software and the script need to have a network connection to wherever this server is running.